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Our aim is to increase systems reliability and extend the life of their equipment with concomitant gains for our customers’ competitiveness. We support our customers with high-quality services in preventive and corrective maintenance to improve risk mitigation and improved safety. ABB's service portfolio allows utilities and industrials to maximizing the return on all assets by ensuring a high reliability, reducing life cycle costs and ensuring optimized performance while lowering environmental impact.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Recover from the winter maintenance backlog

ABB High Voltage Service has three quick solutions to help you get your maintenance schedule back on track after this harsh winter

It’s no doubt you spent more time and money than expected on winter storm recovery this year.  More than likely your first and second quarter maintenance schedule has been delayed or you had your budget trimmed.  ABB’s three solutions will get both your maintenance schedule, and budget, back on track this year.

1.  Prioritize maintenance with a conditional equipment assessment
ABB experts can quickly review your installed AIS or GIS switchgear and help you determine which assets are a maintenance priority.  A conditional assessment includes:
- Review of application, criticality, number of operations, time in operation
- Visual inspection
- Reliability recommendations
- Prioritization of resource allocation
For customers that want a more in-depth analysis, ABB can provide a fleet assessment. In addition to the criteria above, a fleet assessment provides an in-depth, long-term look at the installed assets on your system. It includes:
- Review of maintenance records/field service reports
- Review of breaker events (fault interruptions, failures, etc.)
- Review of modifications or equipment upgrades since commissioning
- Review of strategic & critical spare parts inventory
- Evaluation with specific recommendations per breaker serial number

2.  Quickly inspect equipment with radiography

Anywhere from one to five high voltage circuit breakers may be inspected per day with radiography.  This is an X-ray of critical internal components to verify their integrity or point out potential problems.  The following table illustrates how long it takes to inspect dead tank circuit breakers with radiography at each kV level compared to an internal inspection.  

Inspection with radiography has the dual benefit of meeting FERC requirements for internal maintenance standards when combined with electrical and SF6 gas testing at the same time.

3.  Use ready-to-go components for faster parts replacement

Instead of rebuilding components on-site during an outage, consider ready-to-go components to expedite your maintenance schedule.  Ready-to-go components are delivered ready to be installed.  This saves a significant amount of time and money during outages.  These components include: rebuilt spare poles, rebuilt bushings, new or rebuilt mechanisms, and new or rebuilt interrupters.  Rebuilt components typically provide savings of 30 to 40 percent as well.

ABB is proud to be your maintenance partner.  From planned and preventive maintenance to inspections and adjustments, we have expert service personnel available to help you.  Don’t get bogged down juggling the demands of a long list of maintenance requests – let High Voltage Service assist you.  Contact us at 724-696-1370 for more information.  

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