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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When to call the doctor?

When would you recommend your customers to have a deep evaluation of their switchgear condition carried out by ABB experts?

Hi Folks, Jay Lavrinc here; the answer can be quite simple if you know about the following method:
Free online tool
Medium Voltage Service has developed a free online tool to preliminary evaluate the condition of Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS). ABB expertise permits, via a set of 10 condition indicator questions, to evaluate the need of a deeper asset condition and risk assessment (ARA) or to get the green light to postpone it.
Check each environmental and operational condition, compare the plant situation with given range/status values and select one check button for each field group. Fill in the number of years since the last ABB assessment was performed and click on the Run check button to get the survey result.
Environmental conditions (Id numbers from 1 to 4) refer to the entire switchgear including the period in stock at site, whereas the operational conditions (Id from 5 to 10) relate to the most critical installed device.
Strongly recommended to…
AIS preliminary survey is a simple tool allowing sales people to perform a very high level check having the following targets:
  • Approach the customer professionally but at a level which could be handled by sales people
  • Give free feedback about the possible need for a deeper assessment

Its use is strongly recommended for those plants where conventional maintenance strategies are still applied and no other assessment has been performed.
Try it now!
Try the online survey here !! And remember this path to find it easily at any moment: >> Service >> AIS Preliminary Survey.
So, is it “time to call the doctor”?
  1. Ask your customers: when was the last time they checked their Air Insulated Switchgear?
  2. If you have already shown the tool to your customer or used any other preliminary evaluation methods, please comment about your experience
  3. Any questions or suggestions regarding the survey? Post them below!

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