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Our aim is to increase systems reliability and extend the life of their equipment with concomitant gains for our customers’ competitiveness. We support our customers with high-quality services in preventive and corrective maintenance to improve risk mitigation and improved safety. ABB's service portfolio allows utilities and industrials to maximizing the return on all assets by ensuring a high reliability, reducing life cycle costs and ensuring optimized performance while lowering environmental impact.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Why should I attend PowerGen 2011?

Hi, Chuck Huhman here.  I'm the new General Manager and Vice President for ABB's Transformer Remanufacturing and Engineering Solutions (TRES) business in North America. PowerGen 2011 is coming up December 13-15 and promises to be a showcase of equipment and solutions focused on the Power Generation business.
In addition to the products and services seen on the show floor, ABB's Transformer and Components experts will host an eight hour Competitive Power College (CPC) course on Monday December 12, entitled, "Beyond the Generator: Transformer Considerations for Generating Stations." The purpose of this course is to outline considerations that best cover the needs of generation professionals from conception and design, through engineering and construction, to monitoring, service and preventative maintenance, and asset management. ABB’s extensive experience has exposed us to aspects involved in projects that need consideration and management to prevent issues, minimize uncertainties and ultimately, maximize efficiency.

This pre-conference workshop is intended for a variety of attendees, including but not limited to: general or corporate management, engineering management, engineering including design, systems and planning, operations and plant or station management, operations including maintenance, environmental or sustainability personnel and purchasing or supply chain management.
 Generator Step-up Transformer, 784 MVA, 20kV to 500kV, OFAF cooling
Pre-registration is required. You can register for the course at
Click here for a link directly to the registration page.

The eight-hour session will discuss considerations for transformers from planning through life-cycle management of a unit or system.

Topics will include:

  • Design considerations
  • Construction and monitoring
  • Service: Maintenance, asset management, condition understanding
  • Failure: Prevention and analysis
  • Spares: Why have them, what to have, and making sure they are ready to go
  • Geomagnetic disturbances
  • Bushings and other components
  • GSUs
  • Auxiliary transformers:
Presenters from ABB for the training will be:
  • Christoph Ploetner, R&D and Technology Manager
  • Craig Stiegemeier, Business Development and Technology Director, TRES
  • Randy Williams, Components Account Executive, Alamo TN
  • Don Ristuccia, Marketing Manager, Alamo, TN
CPC 304 will conclude with a question-and-answer session with the presenters.  Presenters will be available for open-ended interaction on topics covered and those outside of material presented.  For more information, contact Graham Stallings, Strategic Programs Manager, Transformers, North America at graham.h.stallings [at] or +1 919 856 3059

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