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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When Safety and Reliability Matter Most

Beyond Flash Suits
There is no better protection against the deadly possibilities of an arc-flash incident than a safe working distance between the operator and the switchgear. This gives Safe-T-Rack® a unique advantage over other flash suits designed only to decrease exposure to burns. Safe-T-Rack® provides protection against airborne projectiles often associated with arc-flash fatalities.

Safe-T-Rack® (STR ® )  is an innovative, patented tool for circuit breaker remote racking and control. This product family was specifically developed to provide users of low and medium voltage circuit breakers, including GE vertical lift (MagneBlast) designs and a variety of horizontally racked breakers, a comprehensive alternative to arc flash protection garments.

What can Remote Racking do for  you?

  • OSHA Standards now recognize the hazards associated with arc flash incidents as defined in NFPA 70E. 
  • The new OSHA standards create heightened awareness of arc flash mitigation solution requirements associated with circuit breaker  racking operations. 
  • By incorporating the Safe-T-Rack® system our customers are providing their employees a safer operating environment for their personnel through the proven method of adding distance between the operator and the arc flash incident energy at the switchgear site. 
  • The application of a Safe-T-Rack® solution will ensure compliance with new arc flash mitigation regulations and bring operation of power circuit breakers to a new level of safety.

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