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Monday, October 31, 2011

MV Retrofill: Actual job examples. Process pictures

Process #1

Process #2 

Process #3  


How is the Process?

>Site Verification Visit for Engineering Measurements:

An ABB design engineer visits the site to obtain measurements of the existing equipment for the purpose of designing all of the components necessary for the retro-fill (door, barriers, dead front, bus, etc.) in order to incorporate the L-Frame / Module into the existing switchgear cubicle.  A one (1) day outage is required for these measurements.

>Custom Component Design Engineering and Manufacture:

  • ABB’s design engineer will design any components deemed necessary for an effective and efficient retro-fill. 
  • Approval drawings will NOT be generated, but rather we will supply mechanical conceptual drawings, and control diagrams
  • Some components, such as the copper bus connectors between the L-Frame / Module and the existing switchgear cross bus, may be designed on-site during the retro-fill by the ABB Field Engineer in the performance of the installation. 
  • The designed components will be manufactured and either shipped to the site or brought to the site by the Field Engineer.
  • Upon completion a full set of as built drawings will be supplied.

>Shipment of Standard Materials:

Circuit breaker, L-Frame / Module, CT’s, Front Door, etc. are shipped to the site, with their arrival verified prior to dispatching ABB Field Engineers to the site to perform the retro-fill.

>Demolish Existing Cubicle Contents:

Field Engineers will remove the old breaker, racking components, and any other unnecessary items from the cubicle, effectively gutting the cubicle for unimpeded access to the cross bus.

>Installation of L-Frame / Module:

Field Engineers will incorporate the L-Frame / Module, CT’s, isolation barriers, new door, etc., into the existing cubicle, connecting the switchgear bus to the L-Frame / Module’s  primary contacts with appropriately sized and braced copper bus.

>Installation and Commissioning of the New Circuit Breakers:

The new circuit breakers will be racked into the L-Frame / Module and commissioned (verification of safety interlocks operation, verification of open, close, motor charging operation, verification that breakers lever easily into or out of their switchgear compartment cell, testing for vacuum integrity, plus operational and vacuum interrupter technology training for the end user operators.)- Complete outage with LO/TO and grounds per customer procedures.
For more information about  Retrofill and Roll-in Replacement Breakers, please contact: or call: 1 800 HELP 365 (Option 7) or +1 407 732 2000

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