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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You may be experiencing some issues with your aging switchgear - is that your case?

The decision to replace switchgear, replace the circuit breakers, or refurbish the switchgear contains many pros and cons for each choice. We have a new tool that helps spell these out to allow you to make the most informed choice for your budget and needs. The easy to use tool, allows you to enter your data for customized results based on your system and rates.

There are many issues with aging switchgear: 
  • Switchgear and breakers are beyond a reasonably expected life
  • Existing breaker technology is old and unreliable
  • Replacements parts are difficult or impossible to locate, and costly
  • Arc Chutes may contain asbestos and can not be safely maintained
  • Mechanisms are complicated and difficult to lubricate effectively without a comprehensive overhaul
  • Operator safety is in question and there are arc flash hazards
  • Customers face forced outages due to poor equipment reliability
  • Maintenance support is a risk due to workforce attrition
Each customer has different solution criteria based on budget and other individual needs.
You may need to:
  • Improve equipment reliability
  • Improve the safety of equipment operation and operator’s safety
  • Reduce outage time
  • Be an ANSI engineered and tested solution
  • Improve cost effectiveness
  • Reduce the interval of maintenance through the use of new technology
  • Fill the voids of maintenance support
You must evaluate which factors are the most important, then review the side by side comparison of your options. Our new tool is designed to meet each level of service required.

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ABB Power Services said...

Thank you! Please tell us more about your company. We are glad that this information has been helpful to you and Gkon Electricals & Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Contact us anytime for more information at Phone 1800-HELP-365 (option 7)or 1+407-732-2000

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