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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Charging motors evolution for our ABB Legacy K-Lines and HK breakers:


I find that everywhere I go; people with old ITE K-Lines and HK don't always know that they can get new motors and other spare parts for their Legacy breakers. They are taking the risk of going to spare parts houses to buy used parts.
–Scott Bridges ABB-MV Service - Business Development Manager - Southeast

If you are dealing with this type of situation, then this information will point you in the right direction:

Interesting evolution facts: 

708391T01 - 120 VAC charging motor
  • This part number includes the original Ametek motor which is no longer produced
  • Ametek went out of production on this motor in 1995
  • A used refurbished Ametek motor can be supplied
  • Prior to the end of the production run, we designed a replacement motor using the Ryobi motor
  • The new Ryobi motor was tested and qualified for New Nuclear Safety Related breakers
  • The Ryobi motor was discontinued in 2008
  • The new motor is the Wuxi motor. 
  • The Wuxi motor is used on all new production and is qualified for Nuclear Safety related orders
  • The Wuxi motor can be added to your breaker, but the mechanism has to be updated to the Model 7 design.
  • The Model 7 update of the mechanism can be done by your people in the field or can be done by MV Service in one of our facilities. 
  • The Model 7 update replaces the entire operating mechanism

For more information on ABB’s charging motors for K-Lines and HK Legacy breakers, please contact: 1800-435-7365 option 7 or

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