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Monday, July 25, 2011

Get the benefits from ABB’s New Active Arc Fault Protection device for Medium Voltage Switchgear: UFES

Ultra Fast Earthing Switch

ABB has made it possible to retrofit an ultra-fast arc fault protection system in the form of the UFES into your existing MV Distribution Equipment

What it is:

UFES is a combination of devices consisting of detection and release electronics and the corresponding primary switching elements (PSE) which initiate a 3-phase short-circuit to earth
in the event of a fault. The extremely short switching time (less than 1.5 ms) of the special vacuum interrupter in combination with rapid and reliable detection of fault current and light leads to an extinguishing of every arc, effectively preventing thermal and mechanical damage inside the protected switchgear system. UFES retrofit solutions can provide maximum personal and equipment protection.

Who can benefit from the UFES?

The system brings advantages to every air-insulated medium voltage switchgear installation, irrespective of its test classification. Particularly for older, non IAC switchgear systems to reduce clearing times while also lowering PPE requierements.
Retrofit Solutions

The UFES ultra-fast-earthing switch in ABB withdrawable assembly or truck design provides a simple opportunity to upgrade existing switchgear systems with active arc fault protection.
For air-insulated switchgear systems based on withdrawable assembly type, a plug & play module which avoids modifications to the infrastructure can be directly inserted.

UFES retrofit solutions prevent the extreme effects of an arc fault. This leads to unbeatable advantages in the avoidance of injury and damage, the maintenance of secure power supply, and the reduction of production stoppages. The UFES minimizes the pressure rise and the consequential damage in the switchgear system by eliminating the arc. The repair work caused by a fault can be greatly limited while system and process availability are increased.

  • Universal usability of the retrofit solutions
  • Short shutdown times for installation
  • Greatly increased operator safety for all switchgear systems
  • Drastic reduction in downtimes and repair costs
  • Prevention of serious damage in switchgear systems, switching devices and their environment
  • Minimization of pressure rise in the faulty compartment and surrounding switchgear building
  • Highly reduced release of toxic gases from combustion/ vaporization of metal and insulating material
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