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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ABB Arc-Resistant Switchgear: SafeGear HD 63kA

ABB’s SafeGear HD 63kA, Type 2B arc-resistant metal clad switchgear 

SafeGear HD, as with the entire SafeGear product line, provides ABB customers with a reduced product footprint and unmatched safety and reliability that maximizes uptime and provides lower cost-of-ownership. The short overall equipment height of SafeGear HD (smallest plenum in the industry), reduces building size requirements for further customer cost-savings. SafeGear HD uses ABB’s ADVAC breaker to ensure continued superior performance.

In addition to the 63kA rating, SafeGear HD incorporates ABB's IsLimiter fault current limiting device. This unique technology solves high kA system applications where the alternative is a costly complete system redesign.

SafeGear HD provides a safe solution with Type 2B accessibility, 0.5s arc duration, Delrin arc snuffing PT/CPT contact design, multipoint latch front doors and a separate low voltage compartment.  In order to minimize footprint, SafeGear HD is offered in a 2-high breaker configuration with an overall footprint of 36”W x 112”D x 95”H.  In addition, SafeGear HD is UL/CSA certified, designed for ABB’s SmartRack remote racking device and is full support by ABB Service.

“The SafeGear product line extension gives ABB customers more options to meet their ever-growing operational requirements. ABB realizes customers continue to face challenges to safety and reliability as the industry increases in complexity. SafeGear HD keeps with ABB’s tradition of providing the smallest, safest and most reliable arc-resistant switchgear on the market.”

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