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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Don't buy someone else's problems!

ABB is your only source for authentic ABB parts
Please be cautions when purchasing ABB parts from non-ABB sources. There have been a growing number of complaints regarding part failures and quality issues. We take this very seriously, and immediately review quality, manufacturing and test records to determine where the part was manufactured, repaired or refurbished. Most often the problematic parts, clearly did not come from our inventory. 

Third party parts suppliers and some third party service companies have been misleading customers with labels on their web sites and sales material such as “OEM ABB parts” or “OEM refurbished parts”.
Some represent themselves as ABB partners or channels. Other have engaged in manufacturing counterfeit, off-spec parts and marketing these falsely as OEM parts. They are using the term “OEM” out of context intentionally to mislead their customers into believing that these parts came from ABB.

The third party suppliers claim to have tested and cleaned the parts they recover, but few have any standards or testing methods, and most have no quality inspection at all. These parts come from obsolete systems and from closed facilities. Others are recovered from insurance claims dealing with chemical contamination and flooding. Most were offered for sale to ABB and rejected due to the extreme environmental exposure, potential corrosion and inherent risk these parts posed.

Our customers have experienced downtime and reliability issues after purchasing parts that contain incorrect component parts, incorrect and incompatible revision levels, even parts falsely labeled as ABB manufactured or ABB refurbished parts. All of these issues can (and have) lead to equipment or process loss and poor system performance.

To be confident that our parts are ABB certified, contact your ABB local representative. Manage your risk and demand new, authentic replacement parts for your low and medium voltage circuit breakers.

Don’t risk catastrophic equipment failure using third party, inferior replacement parts.

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