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Our aim is to increase systems reliability and extend the life of their equipment with concomitant gains for our customers’ competitiveness. We support our customers with high-quality services in preventive and corrective maintenance to improve risk mitigation and improved safety. ABB's service portfolio allows utilities and industrials to maximizing the return on all assets by ensuring a high reliability, reducing life cycle costs and ensuring optimized performance while lowering environmental impact.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meet the MV Service network: US

Folks, Jay Lavrinc here, I want to introduce you to MV Service in North America.

(MVS NA) is organized to focus in two areas: aftermarket products and service. 
The combination of own ABB service technicians and the established network of Approved Service Contractors (ASC) gives MVS NA the feet on the street to handle all service demands.

Today the US MV Service Delivery model has individual resources located around the country, local service centers that will eventually anchor regional service areas, and a developed network of authorized service contractors that provide qualified resources to allow for immediate customer response and the ability to quickly staff up for planned or unplanned events.

MV Service portfolio
  • Field Service
    • Installation & Commissioning
    • Maintenance
    • Turnkey Projects
    • Disaster Mitigation
  • Aftermarket components (nuclear)
  • Breaker Refurbishment
  • Replacement breakers
    • RiR (Roll-in-Replacement ), Retrofits, Legacy breakers
  • Match in line switchgear
    • HK & KLine
  • Protection & Control Service & Upgrades
  • Engineering Studies, Assessments, Training
  • Safety Upgrades
    • Arc Flash mitigation
    • Remote Racking
Supported products

ABB & Legacy Brands
  • ITE
  • Gould
  • Gould-Brown Boveri
  • Brown Boveri
  • ABB
Low Voltage
  • K-Line®
  • K-Line® Plus
  • K-Don
  • MB
  • LK
Medium Voltage
  • HK
  • HK-II
  • HKV
  • GHK
  • VHK
  • VHK-X
  • ADVAC®
  • AMVAC™
  • SafeGear®
  • Advance®
For more information please contact: Phone: +1-800-HELP-365 (option 7) or +1-407-732-2000

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