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Our aim is to increase systems reliability and extend the life of their equipment with concomitant gains for our customers’ competitiveness. We support our customers with high-quality services in preventive and corrective maintenance to improve risk mitigation and improved safety. ABB's service portfolio allows utilities and industrials to maximizing the return on all assets by ensuring a high reliability, reducing life cycle costs and ensuring optimized performance while lowering environmental impact.

Monday, February 6, 2012

How to do an REA arc flash retrofit

Happy Monday, folks. This is Jay Lavrinc checking in to talk about the continued blog posts concerning safety. Personally, I consider this the most important aspect in life and at work. This includes the moment when you wake up, throughout your working day, and till the time you get to bed. It also concerns any organization due to both social and financial impact. Everyone should work in a safe place. ABB is proud to offer its knowledge to the public in order to advise on preventing hazardous failures in the electrical network.

With that in mind, watch how easy it is to install an ABB REA arc flash mitigation system to reduce clearing time in relays and create a safer environment for employees. See the required wiring components, available mounting options , and how to test the unit for compliance after installation. Learn more about upgrading the safety ratings of aging distribution equipment. Download "Life Extensions and Safety Upgrades for Aging Distribution Equipment" from NETAWorld.

For more information please contact: Phone: +1-800-HELP-365 (option 7) or +1-407-732-2000

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