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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ABB St. Louis featured on Fox Business Network

Hi, Chuck here.  Back in December, we found that the Manufacturing Marvels segement on the Fox Business network was interested in learning more about ABB's transformer manufacturing and service businesses.  They came to St. Louis for a day of filiming a few weeks ago, and this segment aired Wednesday, January 18 on the Fox Business Network.  Click the link above if you'd like to watch the video.

This two-minute segement highlights ABB's new transformer manufacturing and transformer repair capabilities in St. Louis.  With acess to state of the art manufacturing equipment and processes engaged in the manufacture of new transformers, TRES has a dedicated facility for the disassembly and remanufacture of large power transformers. The St. Louis plant has been repairing transformers for more than 35 years.  The following photograph is taken from the segement and shows the repair facility in St. Louis.
ABB TRES repairs transformers up through 500kV and 600 MVA in St. Louis, including the repair of HVDC and large industrial transformers - both shell and core form.  The St. Louis factory test floor can test transformers rated through 345kV.  TRES also has other repair facilities to cover the full range of power transformers - look for more informaiton on those facilities in future blogs!

ABB TRES has designed and built a state of the art mobile High Voltage AC Test System (below) based on a solid state power supply.  This system can augment the St. Louis test floor capabilities and can be used to test even the largest power transformers, up to and including 800kV.
You may not know it, but by remanufacturing your transformer, you're being very green - even if they are painted gray.  The re-use of the core steel has a significant environmental impact, as core steel is the single biggest carbon footprint item in any power transformer.  That, combined with re-use of the tank steel, makes economic sense and is good for the environment.  And of course you can expect the same warranty coverage and life expectation as you would for any new power transformer.

Please contact your ABB sales representative or send me a note to learn more about your options for repairing and remanufacturing your transformer assets.


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