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Our aim is to increase systems reliability and extend the life of their equipment with concomitant gains for our customers’ competitiveness. We support our customers with high-quality services in preventive and corrective maintenance to improve risk mitigation and improved safety. ABB's service portfolio allows utilities and industrials to maximizing the return on all assets by ensuring a high reliability, reducing life cycle costs and ensuring optimized performance while lowering environmental impact.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Why authentic replacement parts?

Consider this:

Using replacement parts purchased through third party sources is a recipe for catastrophic failure. Parts acquired through these sources have an unknown history that could put your plant‘s electrical system at risk with substandard parts.

These are your benefits when using authentic replacement parts: 
  • Full spectrum of devices available
  • Guaranteed quality with original equipment
  • Reliable and long-range spare parts supply with short lead times
  • Increased grid reliability
  • Provided over 100 years in engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing services
  • Manufactured parts to controlled prints and specifications to provide an exact fit
  • Backed by a full one-year warranty, all parts are newly manufactured
  • Continued, responsive support, long after the equipment has been energized
  • LV and MV products and services comply with 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, 10 CFR Part 21, and NQA1 requirements when applicable for nuclear safety related equipment

Looking for a solution?

Whether in scheduled maintenance or in emergency situations, the use of original spare parts offers you the most economical choice and effectively protects the operational reliability of your facility. We keep an extensive inventory of spare parts that not only supports your current ABB production but also supports legacy products (ABB, ASEA, ITE, Calor Emag, Brown Boveri, and Gould).

For more information please contact: Phone: 1-800-HELP-365 (option 7) or +1-407-732-2000

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Nice post. My business got a lot of help when investing in kitting and assembly services while trying to sell our products

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