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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All you wanted to know about the AMVAC magnetically actuated circuit breaker

 An ANSI-rated vacuum breaker

The AMVAC circuit breaker combines maintenance-free epoxy encapsulated vacuum interrupters, with a maintenance-free magnetic actuator mechanism, and a maintenance-free electronic controller.

How does the magnetic actuated breaker reduce maintenance costs?
The magnetic actuator is a self-contained mechanism that requires no periodic maintenance or adjustment. The AMVAC breakers only require periodic inspection under normal use.

What is the anticipated lifetime of the components on the electronic controller?
The empirical, data gained by extensive testing, indicates a lifetime of over 25 years under normal environmental conditions can be expected.

Are there any concerns with regards to performance over the lifetime of the capacitors?
The power supply of the AMVAC circuit breaker element provides constant DC voltage without an AC component. This constitutes ideal electrical conditions for operation of electron­ics. At 50°C, the capacitor lifetime is approximately 45 years.

Why is magnetic actuation advantageous over traditional mechanical breakers?
The magnetic actuator provides a more reliable design with greater longevity of the circuit breaker and reduced maintenance costs.

Why is magnetic actuation more reliable?
The magnetic actuator design utilizes approximately 90% fewer moving parts than traditional spring charged breakers. This reduction in moving parts provides fewer modes of potential failure and an overall more reliable design.

How are the vacuum interrupters replaced when necessary?
The vacuum interrupters in the AMVAC breaker element are completely embedded in the pole parts. Accordingly, complete breaker poles have to be replaced. This is usually not required during the lifetime of the equipment except under extreme service conditions.

How does the AMVAC breaker store energy?
The AMVAC breaker with the magnetic actuator uses capacitors integrated directly to the control circuitry internal to the breaker as a means of storing energy.

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