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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Replacement circuit breaker technology expands with the addition of the VD4 EL option

Medium Voltage Service in Florence, SC has expanded their roll-in replacement breaker offering with the addition of the VD4 EL spring charge element.
The VD4-EL brings to the ANSI market years of proven design experience and reliable service in IEC applications the standard ABB spring stored energy mechanism for power circuit breakers. Currently being rolled out for new ANSI switchgear applications, this mechanism has been incorporated intro our retrofit circuit breakers as well. The VD4-EL mechanism allows ABB to offer higher ratings than previously possible in a compact design with all the advantages of the fully encapsulated and completely maintenance-free vacuum interrupter poles that ABB pioneered more than 10 years ago.
Advantages of the VD4-EL circuit breaker include:
  1. Spring stored energy design to allow closing and opening anytime, anywhere with or without electric power.
  2. Limited and simple maintenance.
  3. Built in mechanical anti-pumping, no "Y" coil failures or 'shock-outs'.
  4. Wide range of completely modular and interchangeable accessories including close and trip coils, second shunt trip coils, UV devices and spring charging motors; all of which can be exchanged in less than 5 minutes.
  5. Completely modular mechanism, which can also be removed and replaced in about one hour.
  6. Built-in spring charging lever.
  7. Wide variety of locking devices and protective covers for push-buttons.

We have listened to our customers and understand that not every application will accept the magnetic actuated technology that we offer on the majority of our MV replacement breakers. This drove our efforts to develop these new offerings using the VD4 EL module. The attached replacement breaker availability guide includes the (30) new styles and ratings that were developed utilizing the VD4 EL spring charge element. These new offering are the first steps in rounding out the overall offering to meet our customer needs.

For more information please see: RiR availability guide

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