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Monday, May 9, 2011

Are you handling your operating mechanism safely?

Safety is the highest priority for you and for ABB.  Working around high voltages presents many safety challenges and we all take every precaution around this equipment.  However, certain components of high voltage breakers can present a safety concern even when not in service.

When decommissioning High-Voltage breakers with Spring, Pneumatic or Hydraulic mechanism the owners of the equipment need to be aware of the potential energy remaining in the mechanism.  This danger is present even if the mechanism is showing completely discharged. 

With all mechanism designs there is a pre-charge on the springs or accumulators of the mechanism.  This includes tripping or tail springs as well as torsion bars  This energy needs to be completely discharged prior to disposal of the unit to remove the potential hazard for the salvage yard personnel that may not be aware or familiar with the device.  

The different designs of mechanism have their own specific process to remove this potential energy from the springs.  The equipment manufacture should be consulted as to the method or process that is best to render the mechanism safe for disposal.

If you are considering disposing of any of these types of mechanisms and have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 724-696-1300.

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